Our Services

Eyebrows Threading

Bad Eyebrows can really take away from the natural beauty of your face. Get our signature threading service in minutes and have beautifully crafted, maintenance-free brows for weeks.

Upper Lips Threading

Ditch that moustache without the terrible post wax breakout. Our threading technique ensures that even the smallest hairs are removed from the root without damaging your skin.

Sideburns Threading

Wear your hair up with confidence. We can get rid of those sideburns quickly with results that lasts weeks at a time.

Chin Threading

Have a few (or more ) rogue chin hairs? We can take care of them too! We will get every last one , so you will never have a surprise when you look in mirror again.

Neck Threading

Say no to neck hair! We can take care of hair on that sensitive area with minimal irritation and precision.

Forehead Threading

Get a complexion free of peach fuzz. Our forehead threading service removes even the finest hairs from your forehead to give you silky smooth skin.

Full Face Threading

Just want to get rid of all those little hairs? Not a problem! In minutes we can have you on your way with amazing brows and a face completely free of fuzz.